Longboards and accessories online get free shipping

At Westside Skateshop we have witnessed longboarding become what it is from its roots. From cruiser shapes to the modern cut-away longboard shapes, nothing beats riding a board on 4 wheels. At the skate shop we stock a solid variety of longboard completes from companies like Sector 9, Loaded, Dogtown, Layback, Santa Cruz, Original & Orangutang. As well as slide gloves, bearings, wheels, trucks & hardware for longboards.
Here are some highlights, or click here to see all the longboards.

Globe, Australian for Longboard

Sector 9 Longboards FREE SHIPPING

Loaded Longboards FREE SHIPPING

Original Longboards FREE SHIPPING

Orangutang Longboard Wheels FREE SHIPPING

Sector 9 Longboard Wheels FREE SHIPPING

Longboard trucks FREE SHIPPING

Get it out there...
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