Westside Team Rider list

Anthony BiggsHometown: New Port Richey, Fl.Age: 22 Sponsors: Westside, The Bad Idea. Stance: Goofy  Instagram: @safariboy_biggs

anthony marshelloHometown: North Jersey Age: 24 Sponsors: Westside, Medley, Gold Wheels, JSLV, Silver TrucksStance: Regular Facts: Runs his own brand, Medley. Instagram:@medley__

bob levoyHometown: New Port Richey, Fl. Age: 39 Sponsors: Westside. Stance: Goofy Facts: Fluent in American Sign  language and manager of Westside Skateshop. Instagram: @boblevoy

Brennan CampbellHometown: Clearwater, Fl. Age: 15 Sponsors: Westside, Ace trucks, Pistol Grip. Stance: Regular Facts: Brennan can 540. Instagram: @brennancampbell

Chris JataHometown: Tampa, Fl. Age: 28 Sponsors: Westside, Shaqueefa, Habitat, LRG, Paradise WheelsStance: Goofy Facts: Play him in pool at Reservoir Bar.

Cory fosterHometown: Lincoln, Nebraska Age: 26 Sponsors: Westside, Lakai, BonesStance: Regular Facts: I’m spending the weekend in Kansis City. Instagram: @corynotcorey

dan harperHometown: St. Petersburg, Fl. Age: 25 Sponsors: WestsideStance: Goofy Facts: Starbucks connoisseur. Instagram: @dan_harper_

Dane dowdingHometown: St. Petersburg, Fl. Age: 9 Sponsors: Westside, Filmbot, Enjoi. Stance: Regular Facts: Too young for facts. Instagram: @danedowding

dangoHometown: Miami, Fl. Age: 29 Sponsors: Westside, Skelly Wax, Abortion Clinic, Shaqueefa. Stance: Regular Facts: The Dango lives! Instagram: @dangosun

Haze-bannerHometown: New Port Richey, Fl. Age: 19 Sponsors: WestsideLakai. Stance: Regular Facts: 100% organic Instagram: @yahboyhaze

jake poulinHometown: Somewhere in Canada Age: 25 Sponsors: Westside. Stance: Goofy Facts: Has a good beard.

james colemanHometown: Atlanta, Ga. Age: 29 Sponsors: Westside, Magenta Skateboards, Lakia, Reality Grip. Stance: Regular Facts: He’s been to France. Instagram: @jamescoleman

jeff lenoceHometown: Clearwater, Fl. Age: 34 Sponsors: Westside, Paradise Wheels, Independent, Shake JuntStance: Goofy Facts: Got on Birdhouse after Tony Hawk saw him skate at Astro. Instagram: @jefflenoce

jimmy lannonHometown: Sarasota FL Age: 33 Sponsors: Westside, Magenta Skateboards, Krux, Lakai, Paradise Wheels, Coal Tree Organics, Shaqueefa. Stance: Regular Facts: Ollies fire hydrants. Instagram: @jimmylannon

jimmy mastrocoloHometown: New Port Richey, Fl. Age: 22 Sponsors: Westside, Traffic, Paradise Wheels. Stance: Goofy Facts: Previous Westside employee. Instagram: @jimmymastrocolo

john montesi

Hometown: Tarpon Springs FL Age: 42 Sponsors: Westside, Paradise Wheels, Bones, Venture,  JSLVSk8mafia. Stance: Goofy Facts: Was pro for New Deal Skateboards, owner of Westside Skateshop. Instagram: @westsideskateshop

jon newportHometown: Atlanta, GA. Age: N/A Sponsors: Westside, Paradise WheelsStance: Regular Facts: Check out the Jon Newport x YelaWolf guest Westside board.

Kevrick evansHometown: Clearwater, Fl. Age: 24 Sponsors: Westside, Politic Skateboards, Cons. Stance: Goofy Facts: Kevrick has been to Puerto Rico.

Malcolm SeamanHometown: Clearwater, Fl. Age:  25 Sponsors: Westside, Krux. Stance: Regular Facts: Malcolm won Tampa’s Es Game of SKATE twice. Instagram: @malcolmseaman

matt benevidesHometown: Fall River, MA. Age: 21 Sponsors: Westside, Mood Skateboards. Stance: Regular Facts: Also makes beats- Smokeebonez. Instagram: @thetangerinezoo

mike rosaHometown: St. Cloud, Fl. Age: 35 Sponsors: Westside, Ace Trucks, Paradise Wheels Stance: Goofy Facts: Rosa also surfs… Really good. Instagram: @mikerosa3

nick matlinHometown: New Port Richey, Fl. Age: 36 Sponsors: Westside, Beer Run, Independent, Low Card, Paradise Wheels, Falcon Bowse. Stance: Goofy Facts: Paradise Wheels CEO. Instagram: @nick_matlin

Nick WallaceHometown: Dunedin, Fl. Age: 15 Sponsors: Westside, Expedition One, 187 Killer Pads, DVS, Matix, Bones, Ace Trucks, Deck Specks. Stance: Goofy Facts: Nick pretty much wins or places in every contest he enters. Instagram: @nicksk822

mitsakosHometown: Dunedin, Fl. Age: 25 Sponsors: Westside, Lakia. Stance: Regular Facts: “Keep it creative and do it for the love.” Instagram: @nicomotiv

piroHometown: New Port Richey, Fl. Age: 23 Sponsors: Westside, Paradise Wheels, Hopps Skateboards. Stance: Goofy Facts: Piro had a short edit with Street League in NYC. Instagram: @pirosierra

zuczekHometown: Miami, Fl. Age: N/A Sponsors: Westside. Stance: Regular Facts: Check out Richie in the new Dango clip.

tj sparksHometown: Bradenton, Fl. Age: 27 Sponsors: Westside, Bones, Organika Skateboards, Nixon. Stance: Regular Facts: Tj skated on a battleship for Westside during a RedBull contest. Instagram: @tjsparks

Tommy sandovalHometown: Chula Vista, CA. Age: 30 Sponsors:Westside, Zero Skateboards, Fallen, Ricta, Mob Grip, Bones Swiss. Stance: Regular Facts: Check out tommy’s footage in the new LRG video! Instagram: @tommygunz__69

Tyrone olsonHometown: San Diego, Ca. Age: 39 Sponsors: Westside, Perfect Skateboards, 4 Dayz Wheels, Gullwing Trucks, Duce Brand, Laced Clothing. Stance: Regular Facts: Been skating since 85′ and is never going to stop! Instagram: @tboneolson

Yonis MolinaHometown: New Port Richey, Fl. Age: 27 Sponsors: Westside, 8103, Cliche’ Skateboards, Bones, Supra, RoyalShaqueefa. Stance: Regular Facts: Yonis can switch ollie tables. Instagram: @yoitsyonis

Yonnie CruzHometown: Tampa, Fl. Age: 27 Sponsors: Westside, Traffic, Bones, Ace Trucks, Bottoms Up. Stance: Goofy Facts: Check out his part in the new Static video. Instagram: @yonniecruz

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