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Westside welcomes Jake Poulin to the team

Westside is pleased to announce the newest member to the team, Jake Poulin. Jake, age 24, is originally from Canada but is now a Largo local. Here is a clip-

Filmed and Edited by Jean-Luc Vida

Westside welcomes Dane Dowding to the team

Westside Skateshop has added Dane Dowding to the team roster. Check out the young ripper tearing up the Lakeland Skatepark.

Florida Rain DVD now available

Clearwater/ St. Pete based skate video, “Florida Rain” starring Denis Frain, Austin McCahan, Malcolm Seaman, John Kreft, Cory Foster, Pat Daniels and Jake Poulin featuring many many more. Filmed & edited by Jean-Luc Vida.

D.I.Y or Die Miami edition by Dango

Check out the RedBull DIY or Die Miami edition, filmed & edited by Michael “Dango” Mancini. Featuring skating by Manny Massens, Richie Zuczek, Nick Katz, Josh Narvaez, Steve Young aka “Keen One”, Paul DeOliveira, David Araujo aka “Pollo” and Danny Fuenzalida. A big thanks to Cullentraverso, Danny Fuenzalida and Jason Ranfts.

Fresh JSLV at Westside Skateshop

JSLV clothing at westside skateshop Fresh JSLV at Westside Skateshop
We at Westside are always hyped to see freshness from JSLV. Check out the chill JSLV tanks, tees, hats and shorts…


Golf Wang in the house

Who needs swag when you got SWING? For that matter, who needs swing when you got chicken n waffles!
golf wang clothing Golf Wang  in the house
We got a grip of some fresh Golf Wang goods. Brainchild of Tyler The Creator