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Mastrocolo Mondays: GoPro #6 Springhill

Its the Mastrocolo Mondays GoPro edit. Westside team rider Jimmy Mastrocolo drops a GoPro edit every Monday with footage from friends, homies and team riders from spots all over florida.
Here is #6 in the series featuring Jimmy Mastrocolo, Cash “Crash” Gaddes, Victor Scorza & Mikey dolbow tearing up Stewy’s Skatepark in Spring Hill.

Montesi’s ramp session GOPRO footage

Some of the Westside team came by for a little Montesi compound session last week. Matt Benevides, Cash Gades, Jimmy Mastrocolo & John Montesi.

Welcome to the team Cash “Crash” Gaddes

Westside Skateshop welcomes Cash Gaddes to the team.
cash gaddes profile pic Welcome to the team Cash Crash Gaddes