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New Lakeland Skatepark clip from SHAQ

Shaq just posted a short clip from the Lakeland park. Worth a watch @ :30. Nico Mitsakos, Yonis Molina & Pat Daniels.

Yo, it’s Yonis.

Westside rider Yonis Molina and friends got a few new clips online

Yonis Molina 10 tricks & 2 cents @ S.P.O.T.

Westside team rider & S.P.O.T. ripper Yonis Molina put his 2 cents in and raises you 10 tricks.

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Westside Skateshop FTK ad: Yonis Molina

westside yonis molina nollie 180 ad proof Westside Skateshop FTK ad: Yonis Molina
Westside rider Yonis Molina. Nollie halfcab, Miami. Photo: Scott Quintavalle